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Lots and Lots of Projects

Why do members of CMCTU participate in so many projects???



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We are interested in Conserving, Protecting and Restoring these friends!!

Here is what we accomplished in 2015 much of which documented through out this website.
  • January
    • Denver Fly Fishing Show
    • Denver International Sportsmen’s Show
  • February
    • Colorado Springs Sport and Boat Show
  • March
    • Fly Tying Demo @ Banning Lewis Ranch Academy
    • Royal Gorge Anglers Anniversary
  • April
    • Leadville Federal Fish Hatchery vist
  • May
    • Stratmore Hills Elementary Fly Fishing &Trout Conservation
    • Muley day; Fly tying & Fly Casting May 14th @ Rocky Mt Roosters
    • Tour Bear Creek
    • Meet with CPW
  • June
  • July
    • Leadville Hatchery visit
  • August
    • Visit Bear Creek
    • Fin Clipping at Mt Shavano Hatchery
    • Visit Lake Zimmerman and George Creek
    • Mono Line Recycle
  • September
    • Women’s Cast & Blast
    • Brew Bear Creek Porter
    • Release of BCP
    • CTU Greenback / Gomo grant meeting in Denver
    • Lake George mine reclamation
    • Duck Island weed mitigation
  • October
    • Knight- Imler Fence Repair and Noxious Weed Spraying
    • Hike Bear Creek
    • Bear Creek Clean up
  • November
    • Hike to Jones Park
  • December
    • Mt Shavano Hatchery
    • Trout in the Community display at Anglers Covey

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